What is a holistic facial?

Looking good starts with having great skin and feeling great yourself! Holistic Facials can really help you to achieve both of these. 


A holistic facial includes:

  • A facial Cleanse (both superficial and deep)
  • Exfoliation
  • A relaxing face mask
  • Pressure point stimulation to clear energy channels
  • Massage tehniques*
  • Sinus and lymph drainage techniques to remove waste products and assist in healing.



*During the session I offer not only a facial (cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask etc) I also include massage techniques, primarily facial ones. However through out the treatment I combine hot stone massage (on upper chest and upper back) with some Thai Foot Massage techniques (again involving hot stones) and also some Indian Head Massage inspired techniques. The massage techniques help to stimulate nerve endings, muscles, improves circulation and texture of the skin.

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