Hot (and sometimes cold) Stone Massage

LUXURIOUS...PAIN RELIEVING...GROUNDING...STRESS RELIEVING... SOOTHING...CALMING...HEALING...RESTORATIVE......these are all words that my clients have used following a Hot Stone Massage.




"Hot Stones" and "Massage" I hear you say, I bet you are imagine stones lined up down your back in a spa aren't you....


Dont get me wrong the "Hot Stone Massage" I provide is soothing, pamepring and sublime but it can also be used in a slightly different way. After recieving around 6 hours of "Hot Stone Massage" myself whilst doing a 4 day intensive course, I can not deny that "Hot Stone Massage" takes muscle relaxation to a whole new level (here comes the "but") they also have great remedial benefits. They are excellent for being able to perform compression work, stripping of the muscle and also reducing inflammation (using cold stones).


Stones can be used instead of thumbs and elbows to help eleviate problems such as Piriformis syndrome, frozen shoulder and super tight scalenes aka upper traps, which can be responsible for migraines and frequent headaches.


Treating clinincally/remedially using "Hot Stone Massage" is far more pleasant for the client, this can lead to greater relaxation and they then recieve greater benefit from the massage. 


The heat from the "Hot Stone Massage" means that the trigger points can be treated a lot quicker and more effectively too. Heat can be very benefical to the body but so can cold......


Acute Injury will often incur immediate inflammation around the site of the pain. We all know that ice is recommended to help reduce the inflamation and also the cold can sometimes numbe the area and help eleviate the pain. 


There is question around whether heat or cold should be used on an injury. Once the inital inflammation has decreased I love using heat (on myself as it gets everything going) however lets not forget that for chronic/reoccuring issues we can actually combine the two!


Cold can also help reduce the area of micro tears in muscles in acute problems, dont forget heat makes things expand!


Have cold stones applied to a part of inflmmation can have a very benefical effect on the body (not only feeling like pain relief) however then when hot stones are applied to the area they can provide a rush of blood. This can then speed up the flushing of toxins before then applying yet more colder stones to reduce the area of micro tears. Dont worry the cold stones arent that cold, they are kept in room temperature water, they just feel cooler due to having hot stones applied!


I always remind clients that massage helps to speed up (and even encourages) the body's healing process, the use of "Hot Stone Massage" can make the experience more intense and together we should get better results and quicker!



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