Below are my tips to help you through Pregnancy. Apologies if some of these are obvious but you would be amazed as to how many people are unaware of these simple tips that can potentially make your pregnancy a little easier!



  1. You may find yourself visting the toilet more often, this is due to the fact of the baby resting on the bladder. We werent deisgned to go to the toilet sitting down, we were designed to squat. So to encourage the bladder to empty fully why not next time you think you have finished on the toilet, then lean forward and you will be surprised at what might happen. Please note that this can be done whether pregnant or not, also dont lean too far forward that you might tip over!  
  2. If you are suffering from dry and/or itchy skin then try not to have too warm baths/showers and try reducing them in time too. Use some muslin over your hand to grab a handful of oats (plain graden oats) tie with an elastic band and squeeze out the creaminess, use this creaminess in th ebath along with a 15mls of milk or cream to create a moisturising bath. You can then use the left over oats in the muslin to gently massage your beautiful bump along iwth any other areas of the body.
  3. If you are fan of using essential oils remember to stop using any that contain; aniseed, arnica, cedarwood, clove, cedarwood, cinnamon leaf, hyssop, juniper berry, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rose, rosemary, sage and thyme. 




Rosehip oil is said to be the best oil for stretchmarks. I sell this so please do ask me about the best way to use this on yourself.  Combine with Wheatgerm Oil (provinding no wheat/celiac/gluten intolerences/allergies are present) if you have dry older skin and are in the later stages of pregnancy (when the skin is stretched more). Wheatgerm oil is also really good for itchy skin. However I would recommend using something formulated specifically for stretchmarks. 

100% organic, fragrance free balm deeply nourishes and improves the appearance of stretch marks*, making it the ideal gift for new mums or mum-to-be. With a blend of skin-nourishing oils and beeswax, it's also proven to increase skin's firmness and elasticity in just 30 days**.

*From consumer trials. **From clinical trials.

Gently massage on to the belly and breasts, avoiding the nipples. Ideal for use during and after pregnancy. Nut based ingredient. Made with 100% organic ingredients.


Free sample with all pregnancy massage appointments booked.


Pre-order your Neal's Yard Remedies Mothers Balm to pick up at your appointment for just £18, usual price £20 + delivery. 

Perineal Tearing 

When considering labour and birth, one of the biggest fears for women (other than the pain!) is the potential tearing of their perineum that may result in stitching extended recovery time after giving birth. But you can take steps to protect your perineum from tearing. Studies show that perineal massage reduces your chance of tearing during birth. Just rub sunflower, olive oil, vitamin E oil or coconut oil into the skin between your vagina and anus once or twice a day, starting from around 34 weeks onwards. Coconut oil is available for £8 when booked with a pregnancy massage (usually £9 + delivery) 

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