Every pregnancy is unique, the mother's body is continually evolving and along with the physical changes that she will experience there may well be some psychological changes as well.


Massage is a holistic therapy which focuses on a physical and psychological level, thus helping to create balance within the body.


Although pregnancy massage is mainly the back, neck and shoulders I also like to incorporate some work to the legs and end with a small time using Thai Foot Massage techniques.


What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage for the mother-to-be?


  • Helps to ease backache, headaches, muscle aches and pains
  • Decreases pain in the pelvic/hip area
  • Increases circulation and improves skin elasticity which reduces stretch marks
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, which will help to stabilize hormone levels
  • Reduces fatigue and assists with digestion
  • Helps to reduce swelling in places such as ankles, legs and hands


What are the benefits of Pregnancy Massage for the baby?


  • Stimulation of the mother's blood flow. This in turn increases the oxygen and nurtient content in her blood, which results in better/increased nurishment to the child.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic drainage syetem. This is the system that is vital in the disposal of toxins from the mothers body. 


The pregnancy clients that I have seen have said they have felt rejuvenated and have noticed improvements to the circulation system, this can help reduce odema and ease leg cramps/restless legs. Some have also notcied tha it has helped the regulation of the digestive system, promoted elief from sciatica and gave pain relief in areas such as the pelvis and lower back. All of my pregnancy clients have noticed improved sleep and fewer headaches. On a more psyhcological level they have noticed a reduction in stress and anxiety. Massage helps release feel good hormones such as endorphins and also stress hormones can be more regulated (cortisol and norepinephrine).


The benefits aren't all anecdotal, research by the Touch Research Institute in Miami has shown that massage helps reduce pain in pregnancy and can alleviate pre-natal depression in both parents and can help improve their relationship. The institute has also found massage can help reduce the risk of premature birth and may help decrease the risk of complications during labour. 

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