Your first consultation

Your initial consultation will last around 1 hour (please allow up to 1 hour and 15 mins). During this time I will determine what you expect from your treatment and your goals. This maybe anything from just a general relaxation massage to injury rehabilitation.


For every patient I carry out an inital consultation and gives me a chane to answer any concerns you may have.


I will then take a full medical history from you (please print and complete the above form prior to your first appointment) to try and establish your current overall state of health. Conditions which you have (or had) can affect your rate of rfecovery and also the type of treament that I offer you.


I also use this first consultation as a screening process, so that any other health issues that we may discover upon your first consultation (with your permission) we can address or refer you to correct appropiate healthcare professional. If you have any questions during this period please feel free to ask and I will endeavour to answer them.


You will then be asked to undress down to your under wear, so please ensure you wear appropiate underwear, shorts and vest top/bikini top are sufficent. Please no long shorts. This is so I can view your muscles and skin, it is much harder to identify muscle loss/imbalance with baggy clothes on, and impossible to check for rashes, moles or skin discoloration. Systemic problems often show up on the skin in their early stages.


Your diginty is protected at all times. Once treatment has commenced only the part of your body that I am treating will be exposed, all other parts will be covered with a towel. You are moe tha welcome to bring a chaperone with you if you prefer.


I assess every patient for postural and biomechanical abnormalities and if appropiate offer advice on how you can improve your situation. Often postural problems can predispose you to further injuryor to a slower recovery time. I will also show you the why's and how's of your body posture. I believe that it is important that each patient understands their body as much as possible so that they have the choice of what action to take in order to improve the situation. Once I have completed this I will explain how I best think that you should be treated.


I kindly ask that you provide 24 hours notice if you have to cancel/reschedule your appointment. 


24 hours is required so as not to incur any cancellation charges. If you arrive late to your appointment, regrettably, we will not be able to extend your appointment to accommodate the time lost.

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