Fertility Massage Aftercare



  • Drink plenty of water and rest well.


  • Avoid alcohol for the 24 hours after your session


  • Try to keep your lower abdomen warm (www.hippsy.co.uk)


  • Apply self help massage techniques as shown in your consultation; daily or minimum 3 times weekly to continue benefits of massage. Do not massage during menses or after ovulation if trying to conceive naturally


  • Apply Castor Oil Pack 3 * weekly between menses and ovulation (see secure area for further information


  • Dietary Advice:
    • Reduce intake of grains, sugar and processed foods
    • Reduce or eliminate alcohol and cigarettes
    • Increase good quality proteins, fats and nutrient dense foods including fruit & vegetables
    • For more detailed nutritional advice, please seek a qualified Nutritionist.


  • Please keep a record of symptoms such as improvements of menstrual blood colour, consistency and flow, changes to PMS, cycle length and pain.


  • You can chart your cervical mucus (see secure area)


  • You can chart your emotional changes through a menstrual cycle (attached document)


  • You may experience a slight tenderness in the days after your massage, this is a normal reaction to massage and is your body adjusting to the releasing of the ligaments, increased freedom of movement within our abdominal region.


  • You may experience increased bowel motions, which is a positive reaction.


  • If you experience any discomfort after 3 days, please seek advice from your GP.


Thank you for choosing Fertility Massage to help you on your fertility journey

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