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Back to Self-Care for Parents, Teachers and Students

With the school holidays over and children back in school we find ourselves hurtling towards winter again, how can we take care of ourselves, whether we’re a student, a parent or a teacher?

Be Positive

It’s important to think of the start of the new school year as a good thing, whether you’re the child returning to lessons, a parent or a teacher.

  • If you have children going to a new school, encourage them by talking about new beginnings, and new friends.
  • Mums, plan ahead for me-time if the thought of having a quiet home again fills you with dread rather than optimism. Why not put in the diary that “catch-up-cup of coffee” you have been meaning to have with a friend.
  • Teachers probably need to fill up on self-care before the lessons begin. Making sure you get enough sleep and take care of your wellbeing before you start school again will set you up for a more positive start to the next school year.


Simple mindfulness techniques can help to calm parents, teachers and kids dealing with difficult times at school Click To Tweet


Go Outside

Summer isn’t over just because the school bell has rung! Make the most of what’s left of the good weather and get out in the sunshine. If you can walk with the kids to school, ditch the car and get some exercise in before lessons.


Back to self-care for teachers

Take Care of your Mental Health

Students going back for important years at college or school can start to feel the stress build, as can their parents and teachers. Try to encourage teens out of their bedrooms and get them off social media to avoid even more stress build-up, even when they have exams or tests coming up.

Tempt the teens outside with a walk, even if there’s shopping or ice-cream involved. The younger ones might enjoy a splash in a lido or pool to let off some steam, don’t forget we have the play park and the village green which is there for all to enjoy.

Teachers too need to look after their own mental health – even simple mindfulness techniques can help to calm parents, teachers and kids dealing with difficult times at school. Remember it’s a new beginning – make the most of the next academic year!

Yoga and Pilates are great for well-being (both physical and mental) as well as regular massage and reflexology appointments.


How Can I Help You Get Back to Self-Care?

I offer evening and weekend appointments making appointments accessible for parents and teachers alike to work around your busy day.

If you are ready to get back into your self-care routine, book here for your treatment today.

Gemma Underwood

Gemma Underwood

Gemma is a Holistic Therapist based in Barns Green in West Sussex. She is passionate and dedicated in supporting women's health through out all stages of their lives. Gemma has a keen interest and specialism in Fertility Massage Therapy™

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